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Odour nuisance? Learn about possible solutions to tackle this

Ca. 30 minutes

Strong odour can become a real nuisance for the surrounding neighbourhood and can lead to a difficult situation if the problem is not managed properly. But solutions exist to limit or remove the emission of odour in the air. We’re inviting you to join this webinar to explore the possible options to solve odour nuisance issues. 

In this Webinar, we will describe what causes odour and identify the possible sources for odour emissions. We’ll also explain how an odour can be measured and give insight on possible solutions to eliminate them, based on real case studies.  

NOTE: only professional email addresses will be accepted

Our speakers:

  • Harri Muurimäki
    Since 2019 active as Sales Manager in the Nordic countries for Desotec. Harri gained experience in various sectors such as the chemical industry, food and beverage but also the pulp & paper and the metal industry and brings his technical insights.
  • Tony Hood
    Since beginning 2020 responsible as Sales Manager in the UK. Tony joined Desotec after years of experience in the petrochemical industry and offers his expertise and technical insights from the industry.