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Dealing with impurities in your biogas? Learn how to remove them

Ca. 45 minutes

With the implementation of the European “Green Deal”, the EU is striving to achieve a climate neutral economy by 2050. One of the measures is to ensure that the share of green energy sources such as biogas and biomethane increases. However, biogas and biomethane often contain impurities such as H2S and VOCs that negatively affect the gas quality or cause damage to engines and other equipment. 

In this webinar we will explain how typical pollutants such as H2S, siloxanes and terpenes can be removed with activated carbon to keep the gas production running smoothly. We will also discuss the process parameters are important to ensure optimal purification. 

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Our speakers:

  • Pieter Vanderhaeghen
    Regional Business Director of Italy, Nordics and Eastern Europe
  • Tony Hood
    Sales Manager in the UK