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Purification of Biogas and Biomethane 

Part One

Across the world, countries and companies are striving to reduce their carbon emissions to protect our climate.Biogas and its upgraded version, biomethane, are key to this shift to cleaner, greener forms of energy. Compared to fossil fuels, it is calculated that biogas production in the EU can save up to 240% of GHG emissions, and biomethane up to 202%.

This e-book explains how activated carbon filtration solutions can purify pollutants in biogas and biomethane plants.

Key learning objectives:

  • What are biogas and biomethane?
  • How are biogas and biomethane used and sourced? 
  • What are typical pollutants in biogas and biomethane?

Want to learn more?

To continue learning about the purification of biogas and biomethane, make sure to also download our second e-book on the topic, here:

Purification of Biogas and Biomethane Part 2



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